Refrigeration Containers & Storage Boxes Sistema

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A revolutionary solution for more durable products.

Keep fresh products longer with its integrated FreshVent™ lid filter. These perfect-sized food containers offer the best environment to keep fresh produce. The filter lasts a lifetime, so you never need to buy spare parts or fix installation problems. Raised CrispTray™ in the bottom prevents moisture from penetrating and leaves you with crisper vegetables and fruits.

590ml Square Small Container

Capacity: 591ml / 19.98oz / 2.5cups
Length: 120mm / 4.72in
Width: 120mm / 4.72in
Height: 105mm / 4.13in

1.5L Medium Square Container

Capacity 1.5L / 50.72oz / 6.34cups
Length 145mm / 5.71in
Width 145mm / 5.71in
Height 155mm / 6.1in

1.9L Long Rectangle Square Container

Capacity 1.9L / 64.25oz / 8.03cups
Length 305mm / 12.01in
Width 140mm / 5.51in
Height 105mm / 4.13in